缘起    木星——是太阳系八大行星中体积最大、自转最快的行星,它的磁场强度是地球的14倍;根据人们多年的考察,发现木星正在向其宇宙空间释放巨大能量,且它所放出的能量是所获得太阳能量的两倍。我们以“木星”命名美术馆的名字,是希望木星美术馆也具有木星独特的磁场特质,打造自身成为一个具有国际视野的美术馆之外,带动周边成为一个富有活力、凝聚力和创造力人群的聚集地。
   关于    深圳市木星美术馆Jupiter Museum of Art)是一座致力于当代艺术、文化的公共平台建设民营美术馆。它集展览、学术研究、收藏和公共教育为⼀体,以当代为原则,以创造为⽬标,以历史为使命,以⽂化为积累,旨在成为⼀个符合国际化标准的专业美术馆。
   理念  “专业、活力、时代、再创造”以国际化、时代性、互通性及当代性来促进东西方当代艺术的交流与研究,倾力推动中国当代艺术的国际化发展。深圳木星美术馆以国际化艺术展览、研究为基点,为社会公众提供观赏与了解艺术的平台;通过木星美术馆的系列展览、学术论坛讲座、公共学习活动,结合收藏体系建构与跨界交流互动,展开当代历史与当代中国艺术国际化的对话和研究,构建后全球时代的文化艺术系统。
   场馆    木星美术馆配备专业的冷光灯源、恒温恒湿、新风系统、氮气消防系统等;展馆分两层,总面积约11600平方米,展厅面积7000余平米,设6个主展厅,1个多功能厅,层高7.5米,地面载重每平米2.5吨。美术馆同时设有亲子互动区、阅览区和咖啡休闲区
 坐标  木星美术馆位于粤港澳大湾区中心城市深港科技创新合作区(原深圳市福田保税区)城联大楼一、二楼,东接福田皇岗双口岸、南邻香港、西抵红树林保护区、与香港隔河相望。北靠福田中心区,紧靠深圳CBD,临近地铁3号线福保站出口,不到十分钟的路程为美术馆参观观众提供交通便利。保税区的进出口保税政策将为引进国际文化艺术交流项目提供可靠便利的保障。

 The Story Begins  Jupiter is the largest of the eight planets in the Solar System, and its rotation is the fastest of all. In comparison with the Earth, Jupiter’s magnetic field is 14 times stronger. After years of investigations, people discovered that Jupiter has been releasing tremendous energy into the universe. Besides, the energy it releases is twice over what it absorbs from the Sun. We named the art museum after "Jupiter", hoping that the Jupiter Museum of Art would have the unique magnetic characteristics of the Jupiter. With an international vision, the museum is also committed to stir up and transform its surrounding area into a community for the vibrant and creative crowd with strong cohesive forces.   Introduction   The Jupiter Museum of Art is a private art museum that serves as a public platform for contemporary art and culture. The Museum features exhibitions, academic research, collections, and public education. With a contemporary foundation, a creative goal, a historic mission, and a cultural collection, the Jupiter Museum of Art is devoted to become a world-class museum.   The Operational Model   Specialized, vital, cutting-edge, and creative. With an international, current, interactive, and contemporary view, the Museum will drive exchange and research in Eastern and Western contemporary art, thereby promoting the international development of Chinese contemporary art.  The Goal    On the basis of worldwide exhibitions and research, Shenzhen Jupiter Museum of Art provides a platform for the public to view and learn about art. In addition to organizing series of exhibitions, symposiums, open lectures, and learning activities, the museum is also building its own collecting system of artworks, and promoting cross-disciplinary exchanges. The museum initiates dialogues and conduct researches on topics of contemporary history and contemporary Chinese arts, thereby constructing the cultural and artistic system in the post-globalization era. Galleries & Facilities   The Jupiter Art Museum is equipped with professional cold lighting, temperature and humidity controls, a new ventilation system, and a nitrogen fire suppression system. The exhibition galleries are spread over two floors. The total construction area is about 11000 square meters, and the exhibition galleries covers over 7000 square meters. There are 6 primary exhibition galleries, and a multi-purpose space, each with 7.5-meter-high ceilings. The floors can accommodate 2.5 tons of weight per square meter. The museum also sets up a learning area, a reading area, and a coffee lounge.  Location  Shenzhen Jupiter Museum of Art is located in the Chenglian Logistics Warehouse Building in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation & Cooperation Zone (formerly the Futian Free Trade Zone). The zoon is situated in the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The Museum has a prime location, close to the metro station, with both Futian and Huanggang Checkpoints to the east, Hong Kong to the south, the Mangrove Nature Reserve to the west, and Futian Center to the north. Most importantly, certain policies related to the Free Trade Zoon offer great advantages for the Jupiter Museum of Art to organize and implement international exhibition projects.


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